PC triggered Operation Mamon, supposedly 2 million coup

The company was attracting investors with the promise of 12% fixed income per month.

A coup is still under investigation by the Federal District Civil Police. With the investigations, the PC-DF launched last Wednesday (14) Operation Mamon.

With the ostentatious luxury of life, the leaders of the scheme drew the attention of the authorities. The investigation also promised investors a return of 12% per month.

However, over time the leaders disappeared with the customers‘ money. The investigations are being conducted by the 14th Police Station (Gama) in Brazil’s federal capital.

The supposed scam could be another promotion to capture Brazilians in a fraudulent way. In recent years, several financial pyramid schemes have created networks with unrealistic proposals involving cryptomorons.

PC has launched Operation Mamon in the Federal District, three warrants have been served

Bitcoin is the first cryptomeda launched in the world and the main one still today. As the price of Bitcoin has appreciated enormously in recent years, it has attracted investors from several countries.

Nevertheless, the Bitcoin was born to be a currency and its valuation is the result of a demand for technology. In other words, this high movement derives from its constant supply and large demand.

Even so, scammers tend to show this upward movement for beginner investors in the sector. They therefore justify the possibility of obtaining guaranteed yields from cryptomites.

And a supposed pyramid scheme, operating mainly in Brasilia, ended on the last Wednesday. With the PC launching Operation Mamon, three search and seizure warrants were served.

„According to the investigations, which began approximately three months ago, the suspects settled in Gama, in a supposed consulting business, where they offered the possibility of interested parties to make investments in cryptomoedas, which, according to the accused, would generate a net return of 12% per month,“ the PC said in a statement

The civil police also investigate the crimes of money laundering and larceny. The alleged coup, which has not yet been named, is accused of harming investors by more than R$2 million.

After mass capture, leaders stopped passing on promises and serving customers

The investment consulting firm had leaders who boast a life of luxury. In this way, they showed their clients that it was possible to achieve a successful life with investments in cryptomoeda.

„As a way of convincing people to invest high values, the suspects put pictures in luxury cars on social networks and called themselves successful men. Faced with the promise of easy and fast profits, dozens of clients became interested in the services offered by the „consulting“ company, points out PC-DF.

However, the leaders have stopped serving clients and mainly providing such consultancy. This would have happened after more than R$ 2 million was raised from investors.

The warrants were served in Gama and Santa Maria, administrative regions of Brasília. Luxury vehicles, documents and other objects were seized at the site. The civil police guarantee that the investigations are still ongoing.

In recent years, the Brazilian capital has recorded some major blows involving cryptomoreds. The most famous is certainly Kriptacoin, which has not yet paid the investors and has the leaders arrested.

Last September, the courts even sent a Hilux back to an investor, but several remain hopeless.

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