LSE-Traded Mode adotta Bitcoin come attività di riserva

L’azienda Fintech Mode è quotata alla Borsa di Londra ed è la prima società britannica quotata in borsa ad annunciare significative partecipazioni Bitcoin. 

  • Mode, una fintech con sede nel Regno Unito, deterrà fino al 10% del suo tesoro in Bitcoin.
  • Diventa la prima società britannica quotata in borsa ad annunciare significative partecipazioni Bitcoin.
  • Mode si unisce a un numero crescente di aziende pubbliche, tra cui Microstrategy e Square, facendo sostanziali investimenti in Bitcoin.

La britannica fintech Mode Global Holdings

La britannica fintech Mode Global Holdings ha annunciato oggi che deterrà fino al dieci per cento delle sue riserve di tesoreria in Bitcoin Trader. L’acquisto di valuta criptata fa di Mode la prima società quotata in borsa nel Regno Unito ad annunciare significative partecipazioni in Bitcoin.

Mode si unisce a un numero crescente di società quotate in borsa che hanno recentemente annunciato investimenti sostanziali in Bitcoin, tra cui il gigante statunitense del software MicroStrategy e la piattaforma di elaborazione dei pagamenti Square.

Mode, che ha realizzato un’applicazione bancaria Bitcoin, è stata quotata alla Borsa di Londra all’inizio di questo mese. Ha detto che la sua allocazione Bitcoin fa parte di una strategia a lungo termine per proteggere i beni degli investitori dallo svilimento della valuta.

„Di fronte alle sfide di COVID e ai tassi di interesse del Regno Unito al livello più basso dei 326 anni di storia della Banca d’Inghilterra, la nostra fiducia nel valore a lungo termine del Bitcoin è solo aumentata“, ha dichiarato Jonathan Rowland, Presidente Esecutivo di Mode, in una dichiarazione. „Crediamo veramente che il Bitcoin sia un veicolo per l’empowerment finanziario e, attraverso Mode, gli investitori possono ottenere un’esposizione a questa classe di attività altamente attraente attraverso una società quotata e pienamente conforme“.

Mode ha raccolto 7,5 milioni di sterline

Mode ha raccolto 7,5 milioni di sterline il suo primo giorno di trading alla Borsa di Londra. Il market cap della società è attualmente pari a 36,64 milioni di sterline (46,9 milioni di dollari).

Per sostenere la sua visione, l’azienda ha costruito un’applicazione di mobile banking che permette alle persone di comprare, vendere e tenere facilmente Bitcoin, generando allo stesso tempo un reddito sul loro investimento.

Microstrategy ha fatto notizia in tutto il mondo il mese scorso quando ha acquistato 425 milioni di dollari in Bitcoin. La decisione è stata interpretata come un timbro cruciale di approvazione istituzionale nella criptovaluta come un bene maturo e sicuro.

La tendenza suggerisce che le società pubbliche non sono più avverse al Bitcoin come copertura in un’economia sempre più incerta.


PC triggered Operation Mamon, supposedly 2 million coup

The company was attracting investors with the promise of 12% fixed income per month.

A coup is still under investigation by the Federal District Civil Police. With the investigations, the PC-DF launched last Wednesday (14) Operation Mamon.

With the ostentatious luxury of life, the leaders of the scheme drew the attention of the authorities. The investigation also promised investors a return of 12% per month.

However, over time the leaders disappeared with the customers‘ money. The investigations are being conducted by the 14th Police Station (Gama) in Brazil’s federal capital.

The supposed scam could be another promotion to capture Brazilians in a fraudulent way. In recent years, several financial pyramid schemes have created networks with unrealistic proposals involving cryptomorons.

PC has launched Operation Mamon in the Federal District, three warrants have been served

Bitcoin is the first cryptomeda launched in the world and the main one still today. As the price of Bitcoin has appreciated enormously in recent years, it has attracted investors from several countries.

Nevertheless, the Bitcoin was born to be a currency and its valuation is the result of a demand for technology. In other words, this high movement derives from its constant supply and large demand.

Even so, scammers tend to show this upward movement for beginner investors in the sector. They therefore justify the possibility of obtaining guaranteed yields from cryptomites.

And a supposed pyramid scheme, operating mainly in Brasilia, ended on the last Wednesday. With the PC launching Operation Mamon, three search and seizure warrants were served.

„According to the investigations, which began approximately three months ago, the suspects settled in Gama, in a supposed consulting business, where they offered the possibility of interested parties to make investments in cryptomoedas, which, according to the accused, would generate a net return of 12% per month,“ the PC said in a statement

The civil police also investigate the crimes of money laundering and larceny. The alleged coup, which has not yet been named, is accused of harming investors by more than R$2 million.

After mass capture, leaders stopped passing on promises and serving customers

The investment consulting firm had leaders who boast a life of luxury. In this way, they showed their clients that it was possible to achieve a successful life with investments in cryptomoeda.

„As a way of convincing people to invest high values, the suspects put pictures in luxury cars on social networks and called themselves successful men. Faced with the promise of easy and fast profits, dozens of clients became interested in the services offered by the „consulting“ company, points out PC-DF.

However, the leaders have stopped serving clients and mainly providing such consultancy. This would have happened after more than R$ 2 million was raised from investors.

The warrants were served in Gama and Santa Maria, administrative regions of Brasília. Luxury vehicles, documents and other objects were seized at the site. The civil police guarantee that the investigations are still ongoing.

In recent years, the Brazilian capital has recorded some major blows involving cryptomoreds. The most famous is certainly Kriptacoin, which has not yet paid the investors and has the leaders arrested.

Last September, the courts even sent a Hilux back to an investor, but several remain hopeless.

Colombia opens up to the world of „Bitcoin and Crypto“ in the financial sector but with regulation

Colombia’s banking sector maintains that the crypto-currency sector can strengthen the country’s financial system.

Within the framework of the digital forum entitled „Panorama for the regulation of cryptoactives in Colombia“, the directive of the Banking Association of the Latin American country maintained that the crypto-currency sector can reinforce the country’s financial system, as long as they are under a regulatory model that allows them to have control over them. This was made known by the digital media Towla24, through its web page.

The event was centered on a debate on the regulation of cryptoactives and the projects for the use of blockchain that the Colombian government is carrying out, after the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit approved last September 14 the Sandbox decree, which aims to evaluate the operating parameters of crypto-currency exchanges, in addition to monitoring their activity within this ecosystem.

Spain Creates Advisory Council for Digital Transformation

The digital debate, had two panels: a first panel, where vertical discussions on cryptomonies and another on blockchain were held. The mentioned event was organized by the congressman Mauricio Toro, together with the organizations, Colombia Fintech, Fundación Blockchain Colombia, Alianza Blockchain Iberoamericana and also had the presence of the presidential advisor Jehudi Castro.
Standards for the regularization of the sector

During the course of the digital event, Asobancaria’s vice-president, José Manuel Gómez, reiterated that the banks are open to the entry of new competitors, such as crypto-currency companies, which could complement, offer new services and reinforce the system. „But this entry must be regulated,“ said the executive.

In his participation in the discussion, the president of the Banking and Financial Entities Association of Colombia (Asobancaria), Santiago Castro, expressed that, in the financial sector of the country, there is currently an opening to participate in the world of bitcoin and crypto-currency.

He also stated that, „-despite the good disposition- the banking entities move in a highly regulated sector. For this reason, they must, in the first place, comply with the existing rules and laws“ (…) „However, we are now waiting for the approval of the regulatory Sandbox“, he said in reference to the initiative recently approved by the government of that country for the regulation of the exchange of cryptoactives.

In this regard, the Vice President of Asobancaria, mentioned that they are waiting for instructions from the country’s monetary and supervisory authorities, so for now they continue to conduct tests in the controlled space of the Sandbox and recalled that, so far, cryptoactives are not recognized by the Bank of the Republic of Colombia, so they cannot be admitted as currencies.

In Latin America, Colombia registers the highest adoption rate of financial technology

„We move in that frame. The Financial Superintendence knows that we cannot operate with crypto-currency and does not allow the use of our infrastructure to carry out operations with this type of asset,“ he said.

Now, under this context, Mauricio Tovar, president of the Blockchain Colombia Foundation, mentions the difficulties of exchange houses to open accounts and work with banks, stating that, „This problem has caused the country to lose many investment opportunities, innovation and jobs“.

The president of the Foundation said, recalling the current situation experienced by the exchange houses in the South American country, due to these limitations and the lack of regulation.

According to and as can be seen from the article, Mauricio Tovar adds that despite the fact that Colombia is among the 5 Latin American countries with the highest number of transactions with cryptoactives, many platforms decide to operate in other parts of the region.

„Venezuela has the highest number of transactions, but due to the difficulties faced in that country, entrepreneurs see Colombia with greater interest. However, the regulatory uncertainty in which we find ourselves causes them to go to other sites, such as Argentina, for example,“ says the president of the Blockchain Colombia Foundation.

Stable Coin USDCoin finds a new blockchain home

USDCoin will also be available on the Stellar Blockchain from next year. This makes the stable coin more independent of Ethereum.

The Stellar Blockchain will support the stable coin USDCoin from the first quarter of 2021

The Center Consortium, consisting of Circle and Coinbase, have this messageMade on October 15th. Stellar will become the third blockchain on which the stable coin that represents the US dollar can be traded. The aim of the consortium is to expand its reach.

With the Arbismart wallet and arbitrage trading platform, thousands of investors earn passive income (10.8-45% per year). The fully automated crypto arbitrage platform offers low risk, high return investments. ArbiSmart is EU licensed and regulated.

The market capitalization of USDCoin is currently $ 2.76 billion. This makes it the second largest stable coin after the $ 15.8 billion tether. The cryptocurrency, which is mainly traded on the Ethereum blockchain, has also been at home on the Algorand blockchain since September. By turning away from Ethereum to other blockchains, the coin should become more independent.

Stable Coin USDCoin aims high

In addition, both Stellar and the Center Consortium stated that they have grown significantly in the recent past. Together they want to compete with the “old elites”. They have a long way to go. Not only do investors trade the stable coin tether significantly more. Ethereum also has a significantly higher trading volume than Stellar: With a market capitalization of 42 billion US dollars, the blockchain is 28 times the size of the challenger . On the other hand, the smaller blockchain is more efficient, so that it can process transactions faster and cheaper – an advantage that should not be underestimated.

Traders now have to be careful when handling USDCoin that the recipient and sender of the stable coin use the same blockchain. However, programming interfaces (API) should soon provide a remedy: If enough developers use them, the choice of blockchain is less relevant for end users. Circle has already presented this solution.


L’azione dei prezzi di Bitcoin si è calmata dopo una forte mossa in ribasso sulle notizie della CFTC che carica BitMEX e del Presidente Trump che ha preso la malattia diffondendosi in tutto il mondo.
La criptovaluta è attualmente scambiata in un ristretto intervallo di $30, il che indica che gli investitori sono indecisi.
Come notato da un importante analista Bitcoin, la principale valuta crittografica è stata scambiata in un intervallo di $30-50 negli ultimi giorni, poiché gli investitori sono diventati indecisi. Alcuni pensano che questa azione sul prezzo possa derivare dalla notizia che la CFTC statunitense sta facendo pagare BitMEX, che sta costringendo gli investitori a chiudere le loro posizioni sulla principale piattaforma di derivati.
Grafico dell’azione dei prezzi di BTC nell’ultimo giorno con l’analisi del trader di crittografia Don Alt (@CryptoDonAlt su Twitter). Grafico da
Le tendenze dei mercati dei futures Bitcoin suggeriscono che potrebbero essere i tori a prendere presto il comando.

14 BTC & 95.000 giri gratis per ogni giocatore, solo in mBitcasino’s Exotic Crypto Paradise! Gioca ora!
Derivatives tracker ByBt sta attualmente segnalando che la maggior parte dei mercati dei futures di BTC stanno attualmente stampando tassi di finanziamento negativi. Il tasso di finanziamento è la commissione che le posizioni long pagano regolarmente le posizioni short per garantire che il prezzo del future si aggiri intorno al prezzo del mercato spot sottostante.

I tassi di finanziamento negativi suggeriscono che i detentori di posizioni short sono più aggressivi nel loro posizionamento rispetto ai detentori di posizioni long. Anche se può sembrare che ciò significhi che il Bitcoin possa continuare la sua discesa a causa della domanda prevalente, questo non è spesso il caso.
Il Bitcoin spesso sovraperforma dopo un periodo di tassi di finanziamento da negativi a neutri, poiché gli short sono sotto pressione quando devono pagare per mantenere aperte le loro posizioni. Il vice-versa è anche vero: cioè, quando i tassi di finanziamento dei futures Bitcoin sono estremamente positivi, la cripto-valuta spesso si comporta bene nei giorni successivi.

Per contestualizzare ulteriormente questo, il tasso di finanziamento su OKEx è attualmente dello 0,02% per otto ore. Questo può non sembrare molto, ma quando le posizioni vengono sfruttate e quando i periodi di consolidamento si estendono per molti giorni e settimane, questo si somma, incentivando i detentori di short a chiudere le loro posizioni.

Fondamentalmente, Bitcoin è anche in una posizione in cui dovrebbe continuare la sua ascesa come da alcuni analisti.

Willy Woo, uno dei principali analisti della catena, ha recentemente commentato le prospettive di BTC nonostante la notizia BitMEX:
„Nel frattempo i fondamentali a catena stanno mostrando che stanno arrivando più nuovi investitori rispetto alla fase di mania dell’ultimo ciclo (dicembre 2017), senza che ciò si rifletta nel prezzo. Ciò è dovuto al fatto che i giochi di trading sfrenato sulle piattaforme di derivati stanno mantenendo basso il prezzo“.

Woo ha previsto accuratamente il ritracciamento di Bitcoin alla fine di agosto.

Bitcoin spretter tilbake igjen, denne gangen fra $ 9,900-nivået

I følge data fra CryptoCompare , rundt 18:50 UTC lørdag (5. september), gikk den gjennomsnittlige Bitcoin-prisen (på krypto-børser) under $ 10 000 for første gang siden 27. juli, men den ble ikke der veldig lenge.

Slik har dagen gått så langt for Bitcoin

Bitcoin startet dagen (dvs. 00:00 UTC 5. september) rundt $ 10 467. Så, mellom 06:35 UTC og 06:55 UTC, klarte Bitcoin-prisen å holde seg stort sett over $ 10 500.

Så klokka 18:50 UTC falt Bitcoin Trader prisen for under 10 000 dollar for første gang siden 27. juli, og fortsatte å falle til den nådde 9 915 dollar. Fem minutter senere gikk BTC-prisen under 9 900 dollar og nådde 9 892 dollar.

To timer senere har Bitcoin pent spratt over $ 10K-nivået. For øyeblikket (fra og med 20:58 UTC 5. september) handler Bitcoin rundt $ 10 100 $, opp 2,1% i løpet av de siste to-timersperioden.

Når det gjelder resten av kryptovalutamarkedet, med unntak av fiat-støttede stablecoins, er det for øyeblikket umulig å finne noen topp 50 (etter markedsverdi) kryptoasset i det grønne blant, med flere populære mynter / tokens av høy kvalitet som lider dobbelt – siffer prosentvise tap mot dollar.

Her er noen eksempler:

Så, hva er noen av de mest populære og respekterte kryptoanalytikerne, investorene og handelsmennene som sier om brannsalget i kryptovalutamarkedet som vi for øyeblikket er vitne til?

Forex Market: Euro nears $1.20, while Dollar bleeds out


The positive decisions of the European Union for the region’s economy continue to be advantageous. As a result, the euro is close to $1.20 in the Forex market, a direct result of the good economic direction of the euro zone.

Europe was one of the first regions where the coronavirus hit without excess. The negative effects soon began to be appreciated when they had to start with the economic blockades. Thus unleashing a recession and weakness in the economies of the eurozone.

However, Europe has managed to recover in record time and this is projected in the quotations of the European currency in the Forex market.

The dollar closes the month of August with a minimum of 2 years

The Euro is close to 1.20
The euro is close to breaking the $1.20 mark for the first time since 2018. This is due to the fact that Europe has been able to define an economic recovery plan that worked and managed to put the Eurozone on a fast track to improving its economic figures.

In July, the European Union approved a historic package of 750 billion euros to support the countries most affected by the pandemic.

It also involved the bloc selling bonds collectively, rather than as individual nations. Since its approval, the euro has risen by approximately 3.7%.

But this has not been the case with the dollar. Well, economic decisions on the part of the US government and the Federal Reserve have only succeeded in further weakening the dollar. And with the recent decisions, the dollar bled out.

Thus, the dollar’s index (DXY) fell to a multi-year low. Because investors bet that the Federal Reserve’s policy framework meant that U.S. rates would remain low longer.

As the Fed’s announcement last week that it would tolerate periods of higher inflation and focus more on jobs, has encouraged traders to sell dollars. The euro is the biggest beneficiary, trading at the time of writing at annual highs.

Bitcoin’s Increase: Nog steeds correctief of een nieuwe opwaartse beweging?

  • Bitcoin nadert een cruciale dagelijkse/wekelijkse afsluiting.
  • Dagelijkse technische indicatoren zijn onbeslist.
  • De lange termijn RSI heeft bearish divergence gegenereerd.

De Bitcoin (BTC) prijs nadert een beslissende dagelijkse en wekelijkse afsluiting, die essentieel zal zijn voor het bepalen van de richting van de volgende stap.

Bitcoin’s Candlestick Outlook

Op 25 Augustus, creëerde de bitcoin prijs een bearish overweldigende kandelaar die de prijs aan een dieptepunt van $11.112 nam. Echter, BTC creëerde een lange lagere lont en stuiterde van de $11.200 steunzone. De prijs is sindsdien weer omhoog gegaan.

BTC is er echter niet in geslaagd om dicht boven het midden van het lichaam van de eerder genoemde bearish engulfing candlestick te komen. Dit laat de mogelijkheid toe dat de opwaartse beweging correctief is en dat Bitcoin Up nadien zijn neerwaartse beweging zal hervatten.

Terwijl de koers vandaag aanzienlijk boven het niveau is gestegen, blijft er nog 17 uur over tot de dagelijkse sluiting, vanaf het moment van publicatie. Deze sluiting is uiterst belangrijk, aangezien een sluiting boven $11.540 een lange weg zou zijn om aan te geven dat de koers een nieuwe opwaartse beweging heeft ingezet en zijn correctie heeft voltooid.

De weekly chart laat een zeer vergelijkbaar perspectief zien. Na een bijna parabolische stijging creëerde de koers vorige week (17-24 augustus) een kandelaar met een vallende ster en daalde de volgende week (24-sept. 1 augustus) licht.

Zoals eerder vermeld zou een dagelijkse close boven $11.540 ook een wekelijkse close boven dit niveau betekenen. Dit is cruciaal, aangezien het hetzelfde niveau was dat de vele lange bovenste wieken creëerde gedurende juni-juli 2019 voor een uitgebreide neerwaartse beweging. Een close onder dit niveau zou kunnen betekenen dat de opwaartse beweging is geëindigd en de prijs zal corrigeren naar $10.000.

Aan de andere kant zou een close boven dit niveau in zowel de dagelijkse als de wekelijkse tijdsframes een sterk teken van voortzetting zijn.

Technische indicatoren zijn onbeslist

Ook de technische indicatoren zijn onbeslist, wat het belang van de dagelijkse afsluiting nog versterkt. De dagelijkse MACD is toegenomen, waardoor er vandaag de dag mogelijk een derde hogere dynamiek ontstaat. Echter, 29 Augustus was een bearish candlestick, dus er is geen bullish reversal sign gegeven. Een bullish daily close vandaag (30 Augustus) zou dat doen. Nochtans is de lange termijn MACD nog bearish.

De stochastische RSI valt en toont nog geen tekenen van een aankomend stijgend kruis. Nochtans, is het in overboughtgebied, erop wijzend dat de prijs een bodem zou kunnen bereiken.

Bitcoin Daily Technical Indicators
De weekly chart laat een zeer uitgesproken bearish divergentie zien in de RSI ten opzichte van de eerder genoemde hoogtepunten van juli 2019. Dit is een teken dat suggereert dat de koers dicht bij een top zou kunnen liggen. De stochastische RSI bevindt zich in overboughtgebied en zou mogelijk een bearish cross kunnen genereren met een lichte daling. Een bearish weekly close vandaag zou ook een bearish reversal sign in de MACD geven.

Daarom zouden de dagelijkse metingen een omkering kunnen veroorzaken, tenzij ze dat snel doen, maar de wekelijkse metingen blijven bearish.

Bitcoin Weekly Chart
Om te besluiten, zou een bearish dicht op 30 Augustus een bearish omkeringsteken in het wekelijkse tijdskader van MACD geven en zou de bearish divergentie in het zelfde tijdskader van RSI stollen. Ook, zou het een dichte rug onder de waaier op lange termijn zijn, betekenend dat de prijs al manier tot $9.900 zou kunnen verminderen.

Aan de andere kant, zou een bullish close een bullish omkeringsteken in de dagelijkse MACD geven en de meerderheid van de weerstand van de 21 Augustus bearish overweldigende kandelaar ontkennen. Een dagelijkse close boven $11.640 zou een continueringspatroon geven in de wekelijkse tijdspanne, waardoor een bullish doji boven de vorige weerstand zou ontstaan.

$11.540 is het belangrijkste niveau om naar te kijken, terwijl een dagelijkse close boven $11.640 bijna alle twijfel zou wegnemen dat de koers hoger gaat.

Recursos para obtener beneficios de la moneda digital en línea para usar la aplicación Bitcoin

Obtener numerosos recursos atractivos y de última tecnología para ganar dinero en línea.

Obtener reconocimiento útil sobre planes de características creativas para resolver los desafíos de generación de ganancias rápidas con recursos de generación de ganancias rápidas. El software de comercio de Bitcoin Era puede ser útil y efectivo para asegurarse de que los recursos de respuesta instantánea reciban ayuda de los versátiles planes de características. Ganar dinero con software inteligente y software de comercio Bitcoin es posible con planes de negocio inteligentes.

Con la ayuda de herramientas de avance tecnológico creativas y versátiles en línea, hay numerosos programas de características atractivas que cumplen con los objetivos específicos para que los inversores ganen dinero en línea. La aplicación de Bitcoinup está considerando el soporte tecnológico de características auténticas y creativas para encontrar planes de acción de respuesta rápida para usar un software efectivo.

La moneda digital tiene una gran demanda en el mundo debido a la rápida y pronta respuesta de los recursos de generación de beneficios para satisfacer los intereses y los niveles de confianza de la gente. Existen numerosos planes de generación de beneficios atractivos y versátiles de última tecnología que pueden ser resueltos en nombre de los mejores recursos disponibles.

La moneda digital y los planes de acción de respuesta rápida funcionan en nombre de los servicios de respuesta rápida y de tener recursos confiables para obtener planes de características auténticas y creativas para obtener recursos útiles para entregar los niveles de confianza correctos obteniendo planes de acción de respuesta rápida y pronta para entregar los niveles de confianza correctos.

Aplicación Bitcoin

La aplicación Bitcoin es una de las mejores y más fiables fuentes de avance tecnológico para hacer dinero en línea. La aplicación de Bitcoinup es una de las mejores y más fiables aplicaciones para obtener beneficios instantáneos de las elecciones inteligentes y tener grandes recursos auténticos y útiles para disfrutar del recurso de hacer dinero rápidamente.

Nunca muestre sus niveles de interés para obtener acceso a encontrar recursos menos populares, sino sólo experimentados y versátiles planes de características para entregar los conceptos correctos de los recursos auténticos en línea.

Obtener reconocimiento útil significa obtener los niveles de confianza adecuados y tener planes de características auténticas para ofrecer los conceptos correctos para obtener lo auténtico y creativo con una aplicación para ofrecer los niveles de confianza adecuados con una aplicación inteligente para hacer dinero en línea.

Hay muchas aplicaciones móviles con características creativas y de buena reputación a las que se puede acceder en línea y planes de acción de respuesta rápida para ofrecer los niveles de confianza adecuados para que las personas interesadas disfruten de planes de características versátiles para ofrecer la confianza adecuada para utilizar ideas fáciles de usar. Bitcoin es una plataforma comercial de respuesta rápida para ganar dinero a partir de ideas fáciles de usar.

Récapitulatif des actualités sur les crypto-monnaies du 20 août 2020

Pour la première fois dans l’histoire de dix ans de la classe d’actifs, un altcoin a dépassé le prix du bitcoin.

Le 20 août, YFI, le jeton de gouvernance natif du protocole DeFi de Yearn.Finance , a réalisé cet exploit sans précédent en grimpant jusqu’à 14878 $

Yearn.Finance est un nouveau protocole DeFi lancé en juillet 2020. Il a été lancé sans pré-mine et prétend être le premier protocole basé sur Crypto Trader qui accorde aux détenteurs de jetons un contrôle total sur le réseau.

Continuez à lire pour en savoir plus sur la réaction de la communauté crypto au pic rapide de YFI, ainsi que sur d’autres grandes histoires et mises à jour du marché de la journée.

YFI passe le Bitcoin comme l’actif cryptographique le plus cher

Au cours du mois dernier, YFI a grimpé de près de 32 000%. Sa croissance exponentielle peut être largement attribuée au fait que l’offre totale du jeton a été plafonnée à seulement 30000.

Alors que de nombreux analystes et initiés du secteur anticipent un recul des prix, il y a aussi ceux qui pensent que YFI continuera de croître dans un avenir prévisible. Selon eux, l’offre totale de YFI a été presque entièrement frappée, avec plus de 29 960 jetons actuellement en circulation.

Yearn Finance YFI DeFi

Cependant, l’action des prix YFI est assez intrigante étant donné que ses développeurs eux-mêmes l’ont décrite comme,

„Un jeton de ravitaillement 0 complètement sans valeur.“

Le 17 août, le prix du bitcoin a éclaté de la zone de 11950 $, qui agissait comme résistance depuis le sommet du 2 août. Cependant, des prix plus élevés n’ont pas pu être maintenus. La BTC a diminué depuis, retombant sous le niveau de 11950 $, qui devrait maintenant agir comme une résistance.

La zone de support la plus proche se trouve à environ 11 150 $, ce qui coïncide avec la moyenne mobile (MA) sur 50 jours. Les indicateurs techniques sont baissiers. Il y a une divergence baissière sur le RSI, et le MACD à court terme est passé en territoire négatif.

Bitcoin est tombé en dessous du niveau de 11950 $, ce qui devrait faire office de résistance.

Les indicateurs techniques à long terme sont baissiers, mais les signaux à court terme suggèrent qu’un rebond est probable.

Le prix est peut-être dans la sous-vague 4 d’une formation à cinq vagues

La proposition de réduire le taux d’inflation annuel d’Ethereum satisfait aux critiques des mineurs
On s’attend à ce que les mineurs d’Ethereum soient scandalisés par une récente proposition d’amélioration d’Ethereum (EIP) qui suggérait que les récompenses de bloc devraient être réduites à seulement 0,5 ETH.

Les partisans de cette proposition de décision soutiennent que, ce faisant, la communauté réduira effectivement le taux d‘ inflation annuel tout en aidant Ether à conserver son pouvoir d’achat.

Contrairement au réseau Bitcoin, les changements de taux d’émission ne sont pas programmés par les règles du réseau d’Ethereum. Il n’y a pas de réduction de moitié d’Ethereum pour contrôler le taux d’inflation.